Roll Racing Hits – Turbo Mustang vs. Porsche, McLaren, Corvette

January 30th, 2019


Tonight, we are taking it to the streets (of Old Mexico, obviously) for some top-tier roll racing on the interstate. The competitors who have turned up tonight are nothing short of amazing. Millions-of-dollars-worth of automobiles and high-performance parts roll onto the highway this evening to see who can accelerate from 60 mph to 140 mph the fastest. Enjoy!

The first competitor of the evening is a Chevrolet Corvette (C7) Z06 that has undergone a cylinder head/s and camshaft upgrade; peaked by a 175hp shot of laughing gas. Number two is an 850hp Charger Hellcat with a full accoutrement of bolt-ons and E85 fuel. These two are closely matched but it seems that the Dodge takes the win in multiple passes.

Next, we have a modded-out ZR1 Corvette from Midnight Performance. This is a fresh build with a set of high-performance cylinder heads and engine control software. There’s also a C6 Z06 with upgraded cylinder heads, intake manifold, and camshaft, with a 200hp shot of nitrous. Look for multiple warm-up passes between ‘Vette buddies before the Hellcats turn out for more action.

There are a couple of twin turbo Chevrolet entries, including a 1,000+hp Z06 and a Gen VI Camaro. Include another boosted entry from Ford (Mustang). The TT Mustang begins with a nitrous Corvette Z06. Mustang gaps everyone until he gets hold of the TT Z06.

Check it out! Tons of great racing on this one!

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