Ricky Bobby Nissan GT-R – 200+ MPH Rolls

August 27th, 2021

The Ricky Bobby GT-R is on the edge of the knife when it comes to top speed. It is purpose built for roll racing and half-mile racing events. Under the hood of this all-wheel drive import is a 4.1-liter T1 built V6 (billet block) with a pair of Precision 7685 turbochargers. With a 200hp shot of nitrous, this Nissan has the potential to produce nearly 3,000hp.

Piloted by Terence Cox, the Ricky Bobby GT-R is one of the favorites to win the Unlimited Class.

Fresh off the trailer, Terrence rolls into the left lane against a Cicio car. Terence puts up a big number running an initial pass of 209 mph on a 1,320-foot course. This was a test pass and the fastest run of the event. Ricky seems pleased with the results thus far. No nitrous necessary.

Day 2 qualifying brings on some warmer temperatures. Still not using nitrous, Terence begins the day by logging a 205 mph pass. Not as good as yesterday, but still the fastest thing in the property. During the second round of qualifying, Terence pulls a 212 mph pass out of the Ricky Bobby machine.

Fast forward to Day 3 and the Semi Final Round. We have Terence in the GT-R versus Ned in his radicalized Dodge Viper. After a dud pass, Terence blows a turbine on the next pass. Oh, well the Ricky Bobby GT-R showed a lot of promise, and these guys live to compete another day. FL2K21?

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