Quickest Front-Wheel Drive on the Left Coast Terrorizes RaceWorz

May 10th, 2022

The guys from 1320 Video ran across this Acura Integra that was killing the competition during RaceWorz 2022. Competing in the Sport Front-Wheel Drive Class, this beast of an Acura seems capable of running eight-second passes all weekend.

Making this angry hornet go is a professionally built four-cylinder that’s crammed full of all the best internals available – including Wiseco pistons and MGP connecting rods. The turbo is a 74mm Revolution and the controller is a MoTec 800. The car owner says he is making just under 1,300hp to the front wheels. The transmission is a PPG dogbox and the clutch is an Action triple-disc.

The weather is warm, and the course is stunningly beautiful as Ali pulls the Acura to the line. In a split second the car bolts forward and rolls smoothly through the quarter-mile. Without spinning a tire, Ali effortlessly posts an 8.06-second pass @ 187.91 mph.

It’s Day 2 and Ali is lined up to take his final test pass of the weekend. He is looking to break into the sevens before eliminations begin. Once again, he goes from A to B with no traction issues. He narrowly misses his goal, posting an 8.01-second pass @ 189.90 mph.

The pressure is on as Ali and crew gear up for some “real” racing.

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