Quest for 200 MPH – Mustang GT500 Standing Half-Mile

August 31st, 2022

Palm Beach Dyno has become a leading name in speed – especially as it pertains to forced air induction. Today, we have Ken (from PBD) paying some serious attention to research and development. He will be experimenting with a pair of modified Shelby Mustang GT500s. The venue is the Indiana Half Mile sponsored by SHIFT S3CTOR.

The first car, owned by Brandi who will also be taking some turns behind the wheel, is a Mustang GT500 outfitted with a PBD X900S package.

The second car is also a Shelby GT500, however it is equipped with the cutting edge CX1600R package from PBD. The CX1600R kit incorporates a TKM Predator engine that has been line honed and sleeved. The balanced rotating assembly includes a billet crankshaft, custom TKM pistons and Boostline billet I-beam connecting rods. Cylinder heads and camshafts are TKM tweaked OEM with Ferrea springs. ARP hardware is used throughout the build, including head studs and main studs. This engine has the best of everything – and then some. The twin turbo kit is by Hellion. The manual transmission is from Tremec. That turned into a sore subject (with Ken) before the end of the day.

Shall we head down to the track and see if these Fords can reach 200 mph?

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