OutlAWD Honda Civic Six-Second Monster

November 18th, 2022

The name James Kempf is synonymous with front-wheel drive stick shift Honda speed. This time he knocked it out of the park, at the Import vs Domestic World Cup Finals 2022, when he crushed the World Record for a Honda (manual trans with an H-pattern shifter) in the quarter-mile. He reeled off an elapsed time of 6.91-seconds @ 198 mph. By any standard, that is really picking them up and putting them down.

James can tell you about the car. Believe it or not, the engine is a four-cylinder 2.0 V-Series. Of course, it is built and sleeved. The turbocharger is an 86-millimeter. The combination is good for approximately 2000hp. The transmission is a work of art. It consists of an all-wheel drive housing from a Honda CR-V with PPG four-speed internals, an aftermarket billet bell housing and a performance transfer case. This thing is putting power to the ground on all four corners.

As advertised, James and the Speed Factory crew rolled out and posted a 6.91 @ 198.50 mph in a solo pass that will go into the record books. Congratulations!

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