Old School Muscle – Blown 1941 Studebaker Gasser

June 3rd, 2024

This one is for all the old school gearheads who can remember finding the Amoco station with the “white gas” for their hot rods. These are the guys and gals who know what is meant by a “gasser”. It’s also for the youngbloods who need to know some drag racing history.

Made popular during the 1950s and 1960s, the gasser could be recognized by the front suspension that was raised above the stock height. Raising the front suspension was supposed to offset the typical weight distribution issues often encountered under heavy acceleration. The gasser would also have open exhaust that exited through the front fenders or simply dumped off the ends of the header collectors. Old school gassers were usually painted with bright metallic colors and featured creative names and paint schemes. Gassers were meant to grab your attention before they ever hit the starting line.

Anxious, a 1941 Studebaker Coupe owned by Dennis, is the epitome of what a nostalgic gasser should be – check it out.

The showpiece of this build is the blown 454 cubic-inch big block Chevrolet engine (opened up to 496 cubes). The bottom end of this motor has four-bolt mains with a forged steel rotating assembly, billet main bearing caps, Howard’s H-Beam connecting rods, JE pistons, King bearings and ARP hardware. Up top we have a Comp Cams solid roller camshaft and CNC ported Airflow Research cylinder heads. The intake manifold is from Weiand as is the Hampton prepared 6-71 roots type supercharger. On top of the blower sits a pair of 750 cfm Edelbrock carburetors. The exhaust headers are custom fabricated to fit the car.

The automatic transmission is a high-performance GM TH400.

The gold lettering on the car is hand painted and it is 18-karat.

Anxious is like taking a trip in a time machine. Enjoy the ride.