Ohio Cash Days – SRC Crew Back in the Street Game

June 24th, 2024

When a “pop-up” street race rears its head on an early summer night, the crew at Street Racing Channel are thrown into action. In full disclosure, the SRC has never turned down a street race, but it’s been a minute since these guys had a chance to show out on the blacktop. Billy TH3 KID is on hand in his square body Chevy S-10 pickup. This thing is a rocket with a twin turbo small block (and nitrous). It’s making some serious power for the street.

Billy draws a late model S-10 in the first round. With the Old Man laying down the Stripper Glitter, Billy fogs a burnout that could choke a horse. He cuts a clean light and explodes through the trap for an easy victory. On to Round Two – Oh, crap. The cops are on the way! It’s time to load up and move out.

Finding an auxiliary spot is part of the street game. Changing the tune up to accommodate the circumstances is a challenge that only the best can overcome. Billy and his dad quickly access the situation and adapt the tune to fit the fresh surface.

Billy draws a burnt orange Fox Body Mustang in Round Two. This Ford looks serious. After an abbreviated burnout, the two racers toe the line and wait for the smoke to clear. Again, Billy cuts a clean light. The S-10 launches with the front wheels coming slightly off the pavement. The rear slicks dig in and propel the little truck down the street ahead of the Mustang. SRC FTW!

Keep watching until the end to see if Billy can win it all.