NA Dodge Viper Ambushes Toyota Supra Cruise – Street Hits

September 15th, 2020

This video documents circumstances that occur when a naturally aspirated Dodge Viper rolls up on a group of Supra owners doing their thang on the interstate (of Mexico). It doesn’t take long for the Viper to get knee deep in the playhouse of these Supra owners. Most of these imports are turbocharged and purpose-built for roll racing. Think they’ll have anything for the modified Viper? Let’s take a look.

This Viper has been upgraded with a 9L Xtreme stroker kit from PREFIX. The 9.0-liter PREFIX motor includes an aluminum block with press-in cast iron cylinder liners. All internal rotating parts are forged including a Callie’s crankshaft and Callie’s H-Beam connecting rods (Diado tri-metal rod bearings). The pistons are Mahle with steel-moly filled rings. Cylinder heads are CNC machined aluminum with 2.125-inch intake valves and 1.608-inch exhaust valves. The camshaft is a Comp Extreme (non VVT) with PAC double springs. The compression ratio of 10.5:1 keeps this beast of an engine pump gas friendly. The PREFIX 9LX Package uses factory exhaust and intake manifolds and the factory ECU (reprogrammed). Maximum output for this Snake? 825hp!

When the Viper rolls onto the interstate, he is swarmed by the Supra faithful. Can the naturally aspirated Dodge hold its own against the hoard of turbocharged imports? Check out the video for the answer.

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