Muscle Car Mayhem – 1968 Plymouth Road Runner Street Hits

April 30th, 2020

Climb into the passenger seat of this monstrous Mopar. A vision in black, this 1968 Plymouth Road Runner is the Steinfeld family car.

No turbos here, no superchargers either – not even a strategically placed bottle of nitrous – just massive cubic inches and a manually shifted gearbox.

Under the hood of this stunning beast is a (factory matching numbers) Chrysler big block 440 cubic-inch engine. The crankshaft and cylinder heads are also stock (matching numbers) but the connecting rods, pistons and camshaft have been upgraded. A single four-barrel carb sits atop the aluminum high-rise intake and a set of 3.25-inch exhaust headers, connected to straight pipes handle the exhaust. Exiting in front of the rear tires, the exhaust emits a truly spectacular sound.

Out front, tubular control arms (upper and lower) and fully adjustable racing shocks soften the bumps and straighten the curves. This car has a threatening stance that makes it seem to grip the pavement as it picks up speed. Wilwood disc brakes help to bring the hefty Plymouth to a safe halt and the unique “beep-beep” Road Runner horn warns of your impending arrival.

Wile E. Coyote look out! This Road Runner is a real killer and Griffin Steinfeld is in a playful mood.

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