Muscle Car Madness

October 18th, 2017

You may call it cars gone wild, muscle car madness, or insanity on wheels but it won’t change the fact that this video makes fantasy come to life.

Many of us remember the crazy toy cars of our Mattel Hot Wheels collections. With their giant chrome engines, protruding through the hood and towering above the roof line, these tiny die cast creations inspired some of us to build our first hot rods.

The cars (and trucks) in this video closely resemble the shiny (and radically modified) toys that we played with as children – only they are very real. Each of these wild conglomerations of slick paint, chrome, and stainless-steel must crank, run, and drive to the event. In most cases, they do it using chromed a engine topped with huge a blower and massive wheels, wrapped in humongous drag radials.

If you like muscle cars and vintage trucks (Ford, GM, and Mopar), this video is a must see!

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