Midwest Street Racing Goes South of the Border

August 5th, 2021

What do you get when a pack of rowdy midwestern street racers takes refuge in Mexico? You get one crazy night of street hits and some viral video. Climb in and hang on – we’re going south of the border for some white-knuckle street hits.

First up is a 60 mph roll race between an 870hp supercharged Corvette ZR1 and a twin turbocharged Nissan (R32) GT-R capable of making 1,000hp. Somebody better tell that ‘Vette that he is underpowered because he just whooped a 1,000hp GT-R and a LITER (1,000cc) bike. Oh, wait a minute. He got the message with a total loss of power. That’s street racing.

Next up is a contest between a new Toyota Supra (5000hp) and a 600hp Nissan GT-R. As expected, the GT-R takes the jump and gaps the Supra handily.

Same (A90) Supra versus a 450hp Cobra Mustang. This time the Supra takes the early advantage and gets the win.

Gobs more street racing on this one. Check it out.

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