McLaren 720S vs. AMS Audi R8 and 1000HP Nissan GT R – Street Hits

December 2nd, 2020

Greeting drag racing fans and gearheads of every ilk. Welcome to an evening of roll racing with what may be the most capable trio of street racers on the planet. These three cars are powerful, fast and every single one is built to handle the road. This should be a good one.

The McLaren 720S has been modded with a set of Injector Dynamics oversize fuel injectors, downpipes from Unobtanium Welding, and a special tune package from M Engineering. The proficient crew at Palm Beach Dyno put the 720S through its paces and helped to setup the tune. When all was said and done, the British beauty made 872whp and 683wtq on Valvoline (VP MS109) race fuel. It weighs 3,370-pounds with the driver.

Today, the owner of the McLaren has chosen to match his car – with it’s fresh mods – up against some pretty stiff competition. Included are a 1,000+hp Nissan GT R and a 1,000+hp Audi R8. To be the best, you gotta beat the best, right?

The Nissan GT R has upgraded turbochargers, a built engine with modified cylinder heads, racing clutches, M/T SS rubber on the rear, and it is running E85 fuel. The transmission is a 6-speed DCT. This version of Godzilla tips the scale at 4,100-pounds with the driver onboard.

The Audi R8 has been treated to an AMS Alpha 10 Package. It is running 100-octane fuel, has a 7-speed DCT transmission and weighs 3,850-pounds.

Multiple camera angles make this a very exciting video.

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