Manual Mustang vs. Mustang Auto – Street Hits

September 17th, 2022

Things are about to jump off down south – on the streets of old Mexico that is. We have some Mustang-on-Mustang action heating up and it’s about to boil over.

These two pony cars are similar in design, with one apparent difference – the transmission.

The gray car (left lane) is a Mustang GT modified with a cold air intake and tuned for E85 fuel. The transmission in this ride is a (10R80) 10-speed automatic.

On the right (black car), is a Mustang GT (Gen III this time), tuned to burn 93-octane with a cold air intake and a set of exhaust headers. It’s an MT82 manual gearbox.

It’s anyone’s guess what’s going on with the blue car. It’s just a chase vehicle.

The initial hit is slated to begin at 50 mph. The two cars pull alongside one another and come up to speed. Suddenly, a burst of acceleration and the black car begins to pull way. Surprisingly, the MT82 car maintains a lead to 100 mph.

The next hit will initiate at 60 mph and end at 150 mph. That should yield an advantage to the automatic car. Who you got?

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