KRISPY CHICKEN – Turbo WS6 Trans Am Build

January 19th, 2023

Much like John Doc, I love a GM F-Body. Sister to the Camaro, the Firebird/Trans Am is a rear-wheel drive coupe body that remains plentiful in the current market. Find one for yourself and throw in a big V8 with a power adder. It will not disappoint.

John chose to go with the WS6, a version of the Pontiac Trans Am that is geared towards performance. He then upgraded the engine to a Texas Speed built 388 cubic-inch mill with a set of PRC cylinder heads. The turbo kit (91-millimeter) is from Huron Speed. A set of Bosch 210 fuel injectors help to quench the substantial thirst created by all that forced air induction. Shifting duties are left to a GM TH400 automatic transmission that could be headed for extinction soon. The rear end is a stock S60. The Krispy Chicken is capable of making 1,500hp on any given day.

Inside, the Chicken is basically stock with the exception of a pretty stout roll cage. In addition to promoting safe travel, the cage stiffens the body and helps to eliminate torque twist.

So, there it is with all the good and the bad. Can’t wait to see the Krispy Chicken hit the streets.


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