Kansas City Cash Days 2019 – 40+ Entry Field

September 4th, 2019

Here we have the biggest street race to ever occur on U.S. (Mexican) soil. It is attended by 40+ of the most amazing small tire street/strip cars in the world. Yes, there are cars here from virtually every region of the country and several foreign countries.

In typical street (dig) racing fashion, this full movie begins with a driver’s meeting and some call outs. Once the rules were established – they’re simple; don’t jump early, don’t cross the center line and (finally) be the first to cross the finish line – individual matchups were decided by call out and blind draw. The guys (and gals) are ready to race so, let’s get to it!

Round One begins with an ailing Sketchy Vert Trans Am going against a turbocharged Chevy Malibu. The Pontiac has major transmission problems, but the guy just wants to race. Malibu gaptizes Sketchy.

The next race is between a pair of turbo cars. In the right lane is a Pontiac Trans Am and in the left is a Ford Mustang Fox Body. This is a close race throughout with the T/A taking the win by a narrow margin.

Race three of Round One pairs up a couple more Pontiacs. On the right is a turbocharged GTO and on the left is the twin turbo LS Blackbird. The Blackbird jumps on the GTO like a tick on a june bug and drags him all the way across the finish line.

There is so much more top-tier dig racing action on this one that I can’t even describe it. Grab your popcorn and Gatorade and take a look.

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