Import Extravaganza – TX2K21 Streets

April 23rd, 2021


When these gearheads are not laying it down on the track, they take all the smack talk, posturing and competitive spirit to the streets (of Mexico). Unfortunately, even the best laid plans sometimes come unraveled. When this TX2K21 Cash Days fell apart, these racers set out on a spontaneous evening of grudge racing and call outs. The imports were the feature attraction, and they did not disappoint.

First up is a contest between an all-wheel drive K20 turbo hatchback Honda Civic and a – hold up, the cops arrive and shut the whole thing down. That necessitates a

change of location. Meanwhile, the opponent sees a video of the Civic terrorizing the streets and backs out of the race.

Two other competitors reach a gentleman’s agreement and decide to get it on.

This time a rear-wheel drive Nissan 240Sx, with a V8 engine and a healthy shot of nitrous, will take on a lethally modified all-wheel drive Nissan GT-R. This will be a

winner-take-all dig race. In a seriously tight race, the Kamakazi 240Sx takes the win. Nice surprise.

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