How to Build a 9-Second Muscle Car

January 13th, 2022

Feed a man a fish and his belly is filled. Teach a man to fish and his life is full of days with a full belly. There are tons of videos that show fast cars. This video shows you how to build a fast muscle car. With that knowledge, you can win races and make your own videos.

One might ask, why stop in the nines? Why not try to run sevens or even sixes? Well, there is a reason for that rhyme. This vintage Camaro is too nice to cut up/tub out. Also, these guys at Horsepower Depot weren’t looking to build a full-blown race car since they are running in the FAST (Factory Appearing Stock Tire) Class. SO, a more accurate title might be How to Build a 9-Second Muscle Car -That Looks Stock – on Street Tires.

This car has turned a best quarter-mile time of 9.52-seconds @ 142.82 mph.

At the heart of this project is a naturally aspirated 560 cubic-inch all-aluminum big block Chevy engine built by Tony Bischoff at BES. In its current state, the carbureted motor is capable of producing 720WHP.Not the factory style exhaust manifolds on keeping with FAST Class regulations. Internal engine specs are kept pretty secretive for competition’s sake. Tony knows all the secrets. There are also a few modern electronic features hidden throughout the vehicle, including a Holley ECU that controls spark timing and provides much needed data.

Check out the remainder of the video for more helpful info for building a dream-crushing muscle car.

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