Holy Turbo Noise – Twin Turbo El Camino Hits the Street

April 15th, 2021

You cant’ help but love the Chevy El Camino. After all, it’s half car, half-truck and all fun. Nicknamed the Mullet. the El Camino that Cleetus and crew have built is a particularly prime example. Purpose built for drag racing, this eighties “caruck” is nearing the end stages of an exemplary build. Today, we get to drop in at the shop as they fire it up and take it to the street. Buckle up.

Making the Mullet go is a professionally built 7.0-liter all-aluminum LS motor. It has the best of everything that it takes to go fast, including a Holley fuel injection system. The turbochargers are Precision 84-millimeter and they are sucking some serious air. In typical Cleetus fashion, the turbos are high-mounted and extremely visible. They are also very loud.

After the mechanic finished tinkering with the electrical – and Cleetuc gives us a rundown of the car – it is time for a test drive. With no front clip and no doors, it will be a short ride. Enjoy the scenery and the joyful noise that giant turbos make. Maximum output is estimated at 2,000hp.

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