Half-Mile Airstrip Attack – 200 MPH Drag Racing

August 17th, 2021

Ever wonder what it would be like to drag race through an Indiana corn field? Well, wonder no more. This video takes through the Semi-Final round of the 2021 Indy Airstrip Attack (presented by Indiana Corn Marketing Council and First Farmers Bank & Trust). Some of the baddest half-milers in the Midwest have shown up to claim their share of fame and fortune. Let’s drop-in on this crucial round of half-mile drag racing action.

Early in the day we have a 2017 Volkswagen Golf R (1100hp) getting ready to tackle a 2011 BMW 328i (800hp). This is a battle of the European grocery-getters. As anticipated, the VW jumps out early and puts a lot of corn between him and the Beamer. The Golf tops out at 142 mph while the BMW irks out 138.8 mph.

Next up, we have Josh Kalis in his 1969 Chevy Camaro (1600hp) in the right lane. In the left lane is Zack Moore in his 2019 Camaro (650hp). Unbelievably, Zack takes the early lead before Josh roars back to post a top speed of 189.87 mph (to Zack’s 154.48 mph) and earn the victory.

Listen, if you love half-mile drag racing, there’s two-full-hours of it here. Enjoy.

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