Grubworm Stick Shift Camaro Rocks World Cup Finals

January 23rd, 2023

As the World Record Holder in the Stick Shift Class, the Grubworm Camaro draws a crowd of onlookers at every venue. Even in a crowded field of fast cars, Grubworn caught the eye of 1320 Video.

With a fresh setup, the Tick Performance crew have their sights set on rewriting history, again. The engine is a 348 cubic-inch small block V8 from GM Performance. The custom turbo setup features a Precision 106-millimeter turbocharger. The transmission is a Tremec 6-speed manual. Figure the Worm to make approximately 2,000hp on 53 psi of boost.

First pass off the trailer, the Camaro posts a 7.35-second pass @ 201.8 mph. As the sun submits to darkness and the track surface temperature drops, the Worm rolls to a 6.82-second pass @ 213.7 mph. Amazing what a drop in temperature can do to help a hot rod.

It is Day 2 and Grubworn leads in qualifying thus far. It has been a struggle, but being the lead dog means – well, you can figure that out.

Rolling into Day 3 the Grubworm crew has wrestled with staging issues. They run a 7.48 @ 195.62 mph and it seems like everything is working out. A second pass of 6.93 @ 213.57 mph proves that they are on the right track.

As the racers get into later rounds, you can expect these guys to turn up the heat on the competition.

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