FL2K21 Afterhours – Import vs Domestic Street Hits

October 15th, 2021

By: Michael Grimm

This clip takes us down south for some FL2K21 afterhours action. When the venue closes, these competitive gearheads are just getting started. They leak out onto the interstate (of Mexico) for some insane street hits. It’s import versus domestic, Mustang GT500 versus McLaren, Corvette Z06 versus Nissan GT-R and a whole lot more. Have a look!

First up is a supercharged LS3 (GM V8) Corvette (camera car) against a Coyote (modular Ford V8) Mustang with a ported Odin blower. The ‘Vette beats the Mustang, but he can’t get enough. The Ford goes on to get whipped in multiple hits.

Next, we have a Shelby Mustang GT500 (with a full accoutrement of bolt-ons and a camshaft upgrade) rolling against the red Mustang from the previous race. The Odin Mustang comes out hot but the GT500 drives around him for the win.

Now we have a BMW M4 with a set of upgraded turbochargers (running E85 fuel) taking on the Corvette camera car. With all its modifications, the BMW is no match for the Chevy.

Lots more elite level street hits on this video. Check it out.

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