Fastest Full-Size Pickup in the World – Lights Out 13

March 25th, 2022

Greetings drag racing fans. Allow me to introduce you all to Lyle Barnett and Warpath, his 1965 Chevrolet C10 Pickup. This truck has posted a 3-second eighth-mile and is being billed as the Fastest Full-Size Pickup in Existence.

So, the engine is a 521 cubic-inch HEMI. It has a pair of 106-millimeter Precision turbochargers stuffing air into it. The fuel injection system is Holley (including the controller) with Fuel Atomizer injectors, and the transmission is a Mark Micke (M&M) TH400 automatic. Warpath is capable of producing approximately 5,000hp. Wow!

Shall we join Warpath down in the staging area?

It’s Round 2 and Warpath has drawn a stud of an S10 (full-size?) for this race. Racing in the No Time Pickup Class means that you just need to cross the finish line before the other guy (or girl). Both trucks pull a boisterous burnout and line up for the start. Warpath comes out smooth but the S10 pulls the front tires into the air. As expected, Warpath puts on a show gapping the S10 by a mile.

This is a special truck that seems to get faster with every pass. Enjoy the rest of the action.

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