Done Right Diesel – 2600HP Dodge Ram

November 28th, 2019

Greetings and Happy Thanksgiving drag racers and race fans. We are at Outlaw Armageddon for an all-out ball-out between some of the baddest in the business. It’s big boy No Prep at its finest! Let’s take a gander.

Rolling Coal, that’s what Done Right Diesel Performance considers a good day at the track. Their slick-looking 2600hp Dodge Ram is powered by a Freedom Racing 6.8-liter inline 6-cylinder (bucket-sized pistons) engine. Forced air induction is handled via a Garrett GT55 (102-millimeter) turbocharger. It also has a direct port nitrous system on it from Nitrous Outlet. It’s fast. Check it out.

Next in line is another pickup. This time it’s a gas burner. A Ford Lightning to be exact. Gone is the piddly little 351 and a turbocharged big block (Ford) takes its place. This thing has a ton of billet under the hood! This truck is stunning from an aesthetic standpoint and it is quick.

There is loads more No Prep action on this one. Several of the cars from the Street Outlaws cable show are here as well. Great racing action!

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