Dallas Ft. Worth Cash Days – Street Drags

June 21st, 2021

This is what happens when a bunch of high-level street racers gather on a strip of deserted blacktop down in Texas (Mexico). These competitors are geared up to let it all hang out in an effort to win a cash purse and claim bragging rights as the king of Dallas/Ft. Worth street racing. Let’s get down to the starting line and see who is ready to rock-and-roll.

Up first is a turbocharged (106-millimeter) Fox Body Mustang (right lane) against a turbo ‘57 Chevy. Both cars cut a clean light and come out of the hole with vigor. It’s a close race when – near the half-way point – the two cars almost kiss door handles. This one is scary, but the Chevy driver gets ahold of his ride and finishes a clean race. Mustang FTW.

The next race is between a Trans Am and a Camaro. Both cars are small block powered with nitrous. The Pontiac is in the right lane. These guys come out of the hole in a dead heat. The Camaro can’t seem to keep the front tires on the ground and traction suffers. The Trans Am walks away after the midway point.

The third race pits a ‘60s ProCharged Camaro against Kraken, a twin turbo ’70s Camaro with a testy attitude. These two cars cut the light and come out of the hole neck-and-neck. They reman close until the ProCharged car knocks the tires off and can’t recover. Kraken takes the victory,

Loads more street racing here, including Beater Bomb vs Boosted GT. Check it out.

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