Crazy 9-Second Turbo Silverado vs. McLaren and Roush Mustang – Street Hits

June 7th, 2021

So, we have an odd ball race between some crazy competitors on the streets (of Mexico) today. This cherry 1,200whp Silverado showed up looking for action. Who are we to deprive a street racer of his due? We offered up out modified McLaren and brought along a couple of fast Ford friends. Check it out.

The Silverado is sporting a 408 cubic-inch LS motor with a 91-millimeter turbo. With a factory interior and no roll cage, it has posted a best quarter-mile of 9.0-seconds @ 149 mph (headed for eights, soon).

McLaren modifications include performance catless downpipes, aftermarket exhaust and it has been tuned.

The (gray) GT350 Mustang is a 5.0-liter with a Hell Horse twin turbo kit and an RPG Racing engine. It is also running 1,650cc injectors from the Fuel Injector Clinic. The heavy-duty engine cooling components are from Mishimito.

Under the mid-afternoon sun, the McLaren and the Silverado get lined up for a 60 mph start. After a split vacuum supply line sent the Silverado back to “the pits” on the first run a second hit went no better. The truck blows by the McLaren but slings a belt and cuts a coolant hose. It’s back on the trailer for the Silverado.

All that’s left now is to run the Mustang against the McLaren. A lamb to the slaughter?

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