Coyote Mustang Gets Owned by the World – Street Hits

May 10th, 2022

So, this clip features a naturally aspirated Ford Mustang that doesn’t exactly have a successful evening of street (roll) racing down in Mexico. The Coyote powered Mustang has been minimally modified with the removal of the exhaust resonator. Let’s join our cameraman as he climbs onboard the Mustang that’s ready to take on the World.

The evening begins with a series of contests between the Mustang and a Volkswagen GTI with a big turbo. These are closely contested races that almost always result in a narrow victory for the VW. A real bummer for the Ford.

The next opponent for the pretty Mustang is a BMW 235i with unknown modifications. Unlike the VW, the BMW takes the Mustang to school in a single hit.

A boosted Acura RSX shows up next. The Mustang holds up a little better for this one. It’s close until the end, when the RSX edges away for the win.

A stock Audi TTRS offers the Mustang a series of close races before a stock C8 Chevrolet Corvette rolls alongside. It’s a bloodbath from a dig as the ‘Vette walks away from the Mustang. Can the Coyote powered Mustang get him from a roll? Watch and see for yourself.

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