CorrupTT Mustang – Twin Turbo Ferrari Swap

November 4th, 2018

Welcome fellow speed freaks to the annual SEMA Auto Show! This video features a car that is so rare and so unique that you may never see another of its kind. The car began life as a fairly ordinary Ford Mustang. It has since been modified to include a 2.5-inch chop, integrated front fenders, and a Ferrari F430 V8 engine (twin turbo) under the hood.

Car owner Tony Arme, founder of American Legends Hot Rods and Muscle Cars in Phoenix, Arizona, had the pony car sitting around in various states of disrepair since 2004. When he decided to build himself a new best friend – he knew that it had to be something off the beaten path.

Now, Toney could’ve gone with a Coyote engine, an EcoBoost, or even a diesel but he wanted to do something a little stranger. When a Ferrari engine popped up on his radar, he knew he had to have it. The twin turbo setup (Nelson Racing) was a foregone conclusion.

Since the front suspension was already RideTech equipped, Tony wanted to maintain the factory strut towers. With just a skosh or fabrication, the body was customized to accommodate the Ferrari mill and twin turbo setup. The transmission is a Tremec T56.

You gotta check this one out. Can’t wait to see it hit the street.

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