Coffeyville Street Drags – No Prep Falcon

May 8th, 2018

Welcome drag racing fans to the Coffeyville Street Drags in Coffeyville, Kansas. Competing in the Outlaw Class, our feature car is a vintage Ford Falcon with a cool wrap. Oh, wait a minute – my finger just fell into a rust hole – this ain’t a wrap. This body is actually rusty with a patina that belies its many decades behind the blue oval.

So, the Ford Falcon belongs to Paul Witty who built this bad ride in his garage. He dragged it right out of a field and breathed new life into her by installing a 521 cubic-inch big block with a 1471 blower. The combo is capable of making 1,800hp. The car also has a tubular steel chassis. It’s a full on race car with a steel body.

Paul and the crew begin by getting a freebie over J.J. (from Memphis) and his Camaro (Prostitute) by about a car length. After that, Paul finds himself in a bye round that puts him in the final.

The final of the Outlaw Class is between the Blown Falcon and the pretty red Pontiac of Hollywood Bobby. For every bit as ugly as the Falcon is; the GTO is that much more pristine. Paul takes the hole shot but a blown fuel supply line cools his jets. Hollywood Bobby FTW.

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