Classic Impala – Twin Turbo Beast

June 6th, 2017

You might expect to see a straight 1962 Chevrolet Impala like this in a car show or making the cruise circuit on Saturday night – certainly not in No-Prep racing action. The owner of this prime piece of muscle car is hardly content to sit and be judged, to roll slow, or to ride stock.

When asked about estimated power output, the owner would only say, “A lot.” He did divulge that the Chevy was running a Brodix, all-aluminum, big block, roller engine with a pair of 88-millimeter (45-pounds of boost) turbochargers.

This is No-Prep racing – from several events – featuring tons of elite level competitors.

The Impala draws a TT Camaro in the first race. The Camaro launches violently then shakes the tires off and crosses the center line. The win goes to the Impala.

Race two brings a new day. The sun is hot and the Impala is pitted against a nitrous injected Firebird. This time it is the Impala that does the tire shaking and the Poncho takes the stripe first.

There are many more races on this clip. The ’55 2.0 shows up and shows out. There’s a close race between the feature Impala and another Impala with a giant blower.

This video is chocked full of great No-Prep racing action. Check it out!

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