Chevrolet C7 Corvette Z06 – From Stock to Street Beast

January 8th, 2021

This well produced clip takes on a journey of sorts as this 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is transformed from a stock supercar to a beast of a street racer. Of course, the transformation does not happen instantly. The car owner delivers a video journal that takes us through the various stages of modification – complete with dyno tuning and street racing hits along the way. This is an entertaining video whether you are building a street car, upgrading your current ride or you just love making horsepower and speed.

In the opening segment, we see the C7 in stock trim taking on a Dodge Charger Hellcat. After a super close race with the Hellcat, the Corvette owner does what any gearhead would; he installs a set of long tube exhaust headers. A trip to the dyno reveals that this (near) factory machine is now capable of producing 590hp at the rear wheels. After that, he’s right back on another Charger Hellcat (Widebody, this time). Those headers make all the difference as the ‘Vette handles the Kitty with ease in multiple hits.

The C7 gets walked by a Camaro ZL1 (10-speed automatic on E85), it’s back to the shop for some more mods. A supercharger pulley upgrade, E85 tune and an assortment of bolt-ons are on the agenda this time.

After a half-dozen more competitive street hits, it is determined that some major performance upgrades must be procured. A Magnuson 2650 supercharger, a camshaft upgrade, new valve springs and an oversize throttle plate really open this Chevy up. A dyno tune reveals that she is making 867whp 767 lb.-ft. of torque after the new goodies. She’s a real monster now!

It’s back to the streets and a match with an 880whp Cobra Mustang. This is gonna be a good one!

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