Cali Nate Runs Two Cars at Yello Belly

June 16th, 2022

More accurately, Cali Nate is running two cars and tuning eight at the infamous Yello Belly Raceway. Yello Belly is a very unique place with covered bleachers and concrete retention walls. This is a loud and unforgiving venue. Cali Nate says he is up to the challenge. Let’s take a look at the cars.

My Little Pony is a Fox Body Mustang running a 7.0-liter aluminum Dart block with a set of Frankenstein cylinder heads and a 110-millimeter Garrett turbocharger. It’s making 2,300hp on 40 psi of boost in the Small Tire Class.

Nate’s second ride is Mamba. It is a vintage Chevy II Nova with an F3 supercharged big block motor under the hood. This extremely loud machine is capable of producing 2,700hp. It is running in the Big Tire Class.

After Bad Grandpa is a no-show, Nate lays down a solo run in My Little Pony. He totes the front through the midway point and has to pedal the car throughout the run. Nate gets from A to B in a nail biter.

Mamba draws Billy Horner in his Gen II nitrous Camaro for the first round. Whoa! Nate beat this guy like he stole from him. Mamba is a bad girl.

Many more rounds of drag racing from Yello Belly right here.

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