Cadillac CTS-V vs Paxton Mustang vs Corvette Z06 – Street Hits

December 14th, 2019

This is how we do it on the streets! Of Mexico no doubt. This clip brings us a look inside the world of top-shelf roll racing. It features some of the baddest machines and hungriest competitors as they roll out onto a (nearly) deserted strip of interstate to see who wants it more. Without further ado, let’s get down to where the rubber meets the road.

The first car that we encounter is a modified (black) Corvette. It has a Vortech YSi supercharger and can make 900hp. Next, there’s a twin turbocharged Camaro running 20-pounds of boost. Then there’s a sexy red Corvette C7 Grandsport with an F-1A-94 Procharger. It’s making about 1000hp and will be the initial camera car as we hit the highway with this small but serious group of enthusiasts.

The first contest includes the black Corvette against the Camaro. In a close race, the twin turbo Camaro takes the win.

In the very next race, the same Camaro takes on the red Corvette. Turbo is having a good night as the Camaro easily spanks the red C7.

That leaves the black C5 against the red C7. The contest begins neck-and-neck with the C5 walking away near the end.

Tons more roll racing action on this one. Climb in, buckle up and hold on!

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