Caddy Jack – First Full Nitrous Pass

January 25th, 2023

This short clip gives us an opportunity to sit down with Midwest Street Cars’ Big Chief. He talks about everything Caddy Jack, including nitrous controller duty cycle programing and rear suspension geometry. Chief is a proven winner – on street and strip – and he has a wealth of racing knowledge to share. You might remember him from Street Outlaws.

Caddy Jack is a 2014 Cadillac CTS-V coupe that has been treated to the best performance parts that money can buy. Under hood mods include Nitrous Express spray kits with a Maximizer EZ controller. The engine is a stock 6.2-liter (block and heads) with a Texas Speed camshaft and PAC valvetrain components. The stock supercharger has been ported by Jokerz Performance and the intake manifold is a 5-inch RPM.

Fuel system upgrades include a Squash drop-in pump and a set of ID 700 fuel injectors. Stainless Works exhaust headers and 3-inch pipes clear spent exhaust gases away quickly.

WeaponX water tank and heat exchanger systems help to keep that dense supercharged air cool for optimal fuel atomization.

The transmission is a GM 6L90E with a custom converter.

The rear suspension is a four-link (of the full race variety) and the back wheels have been converted to 15-inch.

Can’t wait to see Caddy Jack in competition.

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