BMW 340i Owner Claims 1000HP – Calls Out Big Turbo MKV Supra

August 17th, 2022

Tonight, we are taking it to the street for a crazy callout contest between a BMW 340i sedan and a MKV Toyota Supra. The single pass race will be of the roll variety. It will initiate at 40 mph and end at 140 mph. The BMW owner has requested that the Supra run on stock wheels. Wheels are the least of this guy’s problems.

So, this cat in the BMW rolls up at the spot with $2k and an attitude. He calls out a modified Supra and claims that his Beemer is capable of making 1000hp. From the get-go, I have my doubts about his claim, but his money is green. It’s on like hot cakes!

The bright red Supra has a turbocharged inline 3.0-liter 6-cylinder from the factory. A collaborative effort between BMW and Toyota, the new Supra is nimble and responsive – even in stock trim. This lady in a red dress has been radically modified to increase performance. The turbocharger system has been upgraded with a

Pure 800 Turbo system. It’s burning E85 fuel and it has been tuned by Payn Performance Engineering. The car is reasonably fast, but the owner is understandably keeping the car’s maximum output estimation on the downlow. He’s confident that the BMW owner is going to get the short end of this deal.

The BMW owner is completely tight-lipped. It’s alright. All he needed to say was $2k.

Let’s see if his alligator mouth has written a check that his jaybird tail feathers can’t cash.

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