Big Turbo Little Motor Mustang

April 1st, 2021

So, this video is a little different than the normal huge cubic inch, massive power adder, gas guzzling monster machine chronicle. This clip features a Mustang EcoBoost with a big turbo upgrade. It’s a daily driver, weekend warrior and general street sleeper. The car belongs to Ariel and he’s going to tell us all about it.

First, we need to set the foundation. The EcoBoost is a 2.3-liter four-cylinder turbo engine that makes 310hp and 350 lb.-ft. of torque from the factory. In a Mustang, it’s a fun little motor with adequate power for everyday driving. That is especially true when the Mustang is equipped with a manual transmission.

Ariel is running a Precision-Turbonetics NX2 turbocharger with an ETS intercooler. The NX2 is a ceramic ball bearing turbo upgrade that serves as a plug-and-play unit. It fits in the stock location and mates to factory wiring connectors. Ariel is using a Split Second stand-alone port fuel injection controller. The exhaust consists of 3-inch pipes with Magnaflow 3-inch mufflers. The combination is dyno certified at 440whp and 495wtq and Ariel has posted a best elapsed time of 11.68-seconds @ 117.9 mph in the quarter-mile. Wheels are SVE 19 X 10 on all four corners and they’re wrapped in Mickey Thompson Street ET rubber.

Enjoy the action as Ariel takes us on a test drive.

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