Big Block Mini Cooper – 7-Second Screamer

May 18th, 2022

This thing is out of bounds! It’s a 2011 Mini Cooper Clubman with a stock steel body (power windows intact). What’s not stock is the 7-second (quarter-mile) elapsed times that this blue streak cranks out with great regularity. Just look at those big, fat rear tires – this thing is for real!

Under the hood is a 565 cubic-inch Dart Racing engine with nitrous. It’s all-aluminum (block and heads) and it can produce nearly 1,000hp. The remainder of the powertrain consists of a 2-speed Powerglide transmission and a (narrowed) Ford 9-inch rear end. The car weighs 2,750-pounds (with the driver) and it has a best elapsed time of 7.7-seconds @ 172 mph.

Running in the (Index) 6.0-Class, this British Blue Streak will be looking to run as close to a 6-second eighth-mile as he can, without going faster. That shouldn’t be hard for this seasoned driver in his exceptional carriage. Enjoy the action from Lights Out 13.

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