Back From the Dead – 2000HP MAZDASPEED3 Zombie

November 16th, 2022

With a serious crash in his rearview mirror, the MAZDASPEED3 Zombie is back from the dead. Owner Randy Westmoreland is competing in the Small Tire and Big Tire Classes at the H-Town Throwdown in Oklahoma – and he’s not changing tires. No Prep Drag Racing is on the agenda and the Zombie plans to terrorize the competition in dual classes.

The Zombie is a rear-wheel drive 2013 MAZDASPEED3 (body) on a race car chassis. The engine is a 7.0-liter LS with a 110-millimeter turbocharger. The transmission is a TH400 automatic. There’s no overlooking the giant wing on the rear of the car. It is functional and necessary. From an aerodynamic standpoint, short hatchbacks are unpredictable. The wing affords a degree of much needed stability.

Zombie draws a Fox Body Mustang in Round One of the Big Tire Class. With Limpy on the light, you know some good racing is at hand. After a good start, the Zombie had traction issues through the trap. Randy was able to pedal the car and take the first-round win.

It’s smooth sailing for the Zombie in Round One of Small Tire. The Camaro in the right lane had a delayed start and got crushed. Zombie FTW!

Tons more No Prep action on this clip.

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