All Show No Go Blown/Turbocharged 1969 Camaro

March 24th, 2015

69 camaro engineCheck out this Force Red 1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS. It is unlike any car that you have ever seen. It features a 468cid Chevrolet Big Block engine, twin 68-millimeter turbochargers, a 14-71 supercharger, a 200hp nitrous shot, custom fabricated Gerard air intake, a pair of chrome Holley carbs, and it has never made a pass at the drag strip. What is wrong with this picture? This car has never even been on the dyno and the owner says that he could care less how much horsepower it has or how fast that it can run the quarter-mile. Bradley Gray of Bradley’s Diesel Service in Kannapolis, North Carolina built the Camaro to be a show-car and he never intends to race or dyno it, period.

In addition to the outstanding power plant, the leather interior by Michael Van Denberg at So Fine Upholstery in Kannapolis, North Carolina is show quality and fits perfectly with the full roll cage (another contradiction). Can we see it run just once, Bradley?

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