920HP Redeye vs Plaid, Big Tire Vega and Big Block T-Bird – Track Digs

January 26th, 2022

Nothing like an evening at the dragstrip to get the heart rate up. Tonight, we get to ride along as an all-electric Tesla Plaid takes on some menacing machines at Bradenton Motorsports Park (in the Sunshine State). We should be looking at quarter-mile passes in the eight to nine-second range. Let’s drop-in on the action already in progress.

The first contest of the evening is between the Tesla Plaid and a sweet looking Big Tire Chevrolet Vega. Unbelievably, the all-wheel drive Tesla takes the hole shot and races to an easy victory with a 9.297 @ 148.51 mph.

A matchup between the Tesla plaid and a modified Dodge Challenger Redeye is next on the menu. The Redeye has been dyno certified at 920whp. He’s running E85 fuel. This time the Redeye takes the holeshot (.778/.451) with the front wheels in the air. The Tesla driver seems to be caught sleeping but he rapidly catches up for a narrow win (9.347 @ 146.80 mph to 9.461 @ 142.60 mph).

The third contest features a big block (598 cubic-inch) powered Ford Thunderbird that is a sub-nine second car. The Tesla doesn’t likely stand a chance, but he’ll give it his all. As expected, the T-Bird took the win with an 8.57 @ 158.95 mph. The Ford came out of the hole with a .024 holeshot and the wheels way up. Fast car!

Tons more dig racing on here.

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