900HP Dodge Challenger Drag Pack with V10 Viper Engine

April 10th, 2021

Obnoxiously loud. Not street legal. Now, you have my undivided attention. Let’s head out to Fusion Luxury Motors to get a look at a special car. This predecessor to the Hellcat is packing plenty of punch – from the factory.

Manufactured in 2011, this special build Dodge Challenger Drag Pack car is a race only prototype. It features a massive 8.4-liter V10 SRT Viper engine. The big V10 was rated at 600hp in the Dodge Viper. No factory specs were officially released for the Challenger Drag Pack, but with racing headers – and other assorted performance goodies – it’s estimated at 900hp. Like most other Mopar special builds from this era, only about 50 units were produced in 2011.

In addition to the V10 engine, the 2011 Challenger Drag Pack also offered these special features:

  • 2-Speed Automatic Transmission with Ratcheting Shifter and Built-In Roll Control
  • Special Body-In-White Modified for Drag Racing Use
  • Polycarbonate Door Windows
  • Smart-Glass Door Window System
  • Solid Engine Mounts
  • Mopar Solid Rear Axle
  • Lightweight Dodge Viper Seats with 6-Point Racing Harness
  • Optional 6-Point or 8-Point Roll Cage
  • Special Modified K-Member with Drop-Out Crossmember
  • Lightweight Drag-Race Only Front Brake Assembly
  • Manual Rack-and-Pinion Steering
  • Front Chin Spoiler
  • Lightweight Cooling Module with Electric Fan
  • Lightweight Instrument Panel Assembly
  • Special Cable-Operated Trunk Release
  • Special Cable-Operated Throttle Pedal and Linkage (no drive-by-wire)
  • Drag Racing Wheels and Tires
    • No Windshield Wiper Assembly
    • No HVAC System (Included Block Off Plates)
    • No Rear Seats
    • No Power-Steering System
    • No Underbody Heat Shields
    • Complete Fuel Cell Assembly
    • Racing Exhaust Headers with Collectors
    • Modified Tunnel for Transmission Clearance and One-Piece Driveshaft
    • Raised Floor Above Differential for Solid-Axle Conversion Clearance

Enjoy the test drive in this rare Mopar masterpiece.