8-Second Mopar – Dodge Demon on Nitrous

December 15th, 2018

It seems by now that everyone with a driver’s license has heard about the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon. Between its 840hp supercharged HEMI V8, and its trunk loaded (from the factory) with drag racing specific goodies, the Demon is the most capable dig racing machine ever mass produced. Is there another model that provides a set of skinny fronts, a factory floor jack, and a drag racing tool kit – all neatly secured from the factory?

This car is awesome but what could make it better? More power, of course! Add a 75hp-shot of laughing gas from Nitrous Outlet, upper and lower pulley upgrades, a set of ARH exhaust headers, a cat-less exhaust system, a set of ID1700 fuel injectors from Injector Dynamics, Ignite Red racing fuel, and some expert tweaking from Barth Tuning, and you are ready to rumble. Horsepower is estimated at over 1,000 (at the rear-wheels). Click on the Barth Tuning site for a more complete list of mods.

Climb on board the first Demon to run an 8-second pass as the driver makes a handful of 9-second passes without nitrous. The first pass with the go-go juice nets a 9.10 @ 147 mph but the track closes before another pass can be realized. Just have to settle for a timeslip (8-seconds @ 154) this time. Better luck next time.

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