3000HP Corvette ZR1 – World Record Eighth-Mile

March 3rd, 2017

Whoa! Check out this record breaking 1/8-mile, radial tire pass.

Greetings drag racing enthusiasts. Say hello to Mark Woodriff and his amazing twin-turbo ZR1 Corvette. This car laid down an 1/8-mile pass with an ET of 3.83-seconds @ 212.69 mph. That is good enough to set a new World Record for a radial tire car in the 1/8-mile. It is hard to believe that this car, with a Larry Jeffers built front half, was badly wrecked only 2-weeks prior to this video being produced.

The car is powered by a Sonny’s (Leonard) Racing, 522 cubic-inch, big block engine with a pair of 106-millimeter Precision turbochargers. It is equipped with Billet Atomizer 700 fuel injectors (2 per cylinder) and a Fuel Tech 500 controller An M&M 2-speed 400 transmission, with a lockup torque converter, is used to transfer the 3,000 screaming ponies to the pavement and this car gets down the track very well despite pulling more than 3Gs under heavy acceleration.

This is a great video. You don’t want to miss it.

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