2,000HP Supra Pair Go Head-to-Head

June 7th, 2018

This clip brings us (potentially) the baddest pair of Supras that we have ever seen in one place. The place is the Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas (outside of Houston) and the competition is world class. The track (by Jason Miller) is solid and the weather is cool; perfect for No Prep drag racing at TX2K18.

Cody Phillips Racing (CPR) has prepared their stoic gray Supra utilizing a 3.2-liter, inline 6-cylinder, 2JZ (Toyota) engine with a Stage 5 Titan cylinder head and aluminum connecting rods. A Precision Pro Mod 94-millimeter turbocharger is responsible for cramming massive amounts of dense air down the intake and an M&M 2-speed 400 transmission deals with shifting duties. It has a final drive gear ratio of 4.11:1 and is running a MoTech controller. Custom crafted wiring harnesses are the specialty of the house for CPR so you can imagine that the wiring is pristine and plentiful.

Dana Westmoreland and the Virtual Works Racing crew have prepared the second Toyota. This skilled team has already posted a best elapsed time of 7.24-seconds @ 190 mph in this pretty blue Supra. It undoubtedly shares a similar setup to the CPR car and looks good doing it.

There’s tons of No Prep drag racing action here but the best part about this video is that we actually get to see these two outstanding Supra entries compete head-to-head.

That’s right! They are going to line up and race a No Prep eighth-mile pass on this video.

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