2,000HP AMS GT-R King of the Streets

June 18th, 2015

2000HP AMS GT R King of the StreetsFor the second time in as many years,  the AMS GT-R has defeated all challengers at the event which many driving enthusiasts believe is the epitome of roll racing; the Texas Invitational Automotive Airfield Exhibition. Amid a field that includes several twin-turbocharged Lamborghinis and a TT-Dodge Viper, the AMS Performance built Nissan GT-R endures to the end in some very close heads up roll racing.

The AMS GT-R is equipped with a fresh Alpha 4.0-liter all-aluminum big-bore engine block and a pair of Alpha CNC ported cylinder heads. A full Alpha exhaust system, specially tuned Alpha Omega turbo kit (complete with Tial Q blow-off valves and Alpha Omega Spec intercooler), Alpha GT-R intake manifold, and CNC ported throttle bodies, help the larger engine to breathe better. An Alpha fuel rail kit and set of 2,000 cc fuel injectors supply the go-go juice and a Syvtec stand-alone controller keeps all the horses galloping at the same pace. This car has a documented 1/4-mile time of 7.7-seconds @ 186.5 mph and a top speed of 225 mph. Check out this can’t miss video.

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