2000+HP AMS Built Lamborghini Huracan – World’s Fastest?

June 22nd, 2021

Greetings drag racing fans! Say hello to Jordan Martin and his 7-Second Lamborghini Huracan drag car.

At the heart of this record setting Huracan is an AMS built 5.2-liter V10 engine with a pair of Garret turbochargers. Other notables include an AMS billet intake manifold, JRZ suspension components and Mickey Thompson tires.

Jordan has taken this Lambo into the 7-second range before, but he hopes to move even closer to the elusive sixes this weekend during the Hail Mary Derby.

An initial pass of 7.70 @ 180 mph raises plenty of eyebrows among the spectators, but Jordan is unimpressed. He’s looking for bigger and better things.

On the second run, Jordan and crew put up a 7.5-second pass @ 180 mph. Headed in the right direction. Boost is increased again.

As night begins to fall, and cooler temperatures prevail, the Alpha Lambo gets dialed in and posts a run of 7.42-seconds @ 193.16 mph. Almost a personal best but no cigar.

It’s Day 2 and the track is fresh. Unfortunately, all the abuse has dealt the AMS team a dose of transmission trouble. As they change the gearbox out, they prepare for changing track conditions later in the day.

Finally, back on the track, the AMS Lambo is chomping at the bit. The first pass with the spare tranny nets a 7.45 @ 170.3 mph (with a turbo hose coupler coming off near the midway point).

Day 3 has arrived and it’s Jordan’s final opportunity to set a new Huracan record during the Hail Mary Derby 2021. Today’s runs lay out like this: 7.47 @ 192 mph and a NEW WORLD RECORD pass of 7.33-seconds @ 194.52 mph! Great job ALPHA Team!

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