1966 Chevy Chevelle – 760 WHP

February 11th, 2020

This is a tremendous story. The father wants a classic car in the worst way; after he spots it in a local ad. He begins the negotiation process only to be undercut by another buyer. Little does dad know that his wife and son are working behind the scenes to procure the car – a 1966 Chevrolet Chevelle – and build it to his dad’s liking.

What you see here is the product of a son’s love. This classic Chevy is powered by a 377 cubic-inch small block (not an LS) with a pair of Turbonetics billet 68-millimeter turbos. The engine block is built with the best of everything and topped with a set of AFR cylinder heads. This thing is an absolute beast, making 760hp at the rear wheels and running only 13 psi of boost. When this kid starts to turn up the boost – look out – the sky is the limit.

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