1600WHP Supra Street and Dyno

September 23rd, 2015

1600WHP Supra Street and DynoGet a load of the Real Street built Toyota Supra, custom tuned by Jay Meagher. Despite having cold a/c and being very well behaved on the street, this Toy had quite a successful year at the strip. He even deflowered an Underground Lambo during TX2K. Today it racks up 1,603whp on the dyno! Check out the setup below.

It all begins with a RS1600 3.4-liter inline 6-cylinder engine (with 10/1 compression), a Brian Crower 94mm billet stroker crank, Real Street Max Effort CP pistons, DLC coated wrist pins, Manley Tuff connecting rods, Real Street billet main bearing caps with ARP main cap studs, a Headgames Racing cylinder head, and GSC S2 camshafts. Add a Gato dual fuel rail intake manifold, K Tuned 90mm throttle body, a Precision 8685 billet ball-bearing turbocharger, an ETS race intercooler, Tial blow-off valve, and Precision 46mm wastegates. Throw in a Meagher tuned Motec M800, M&W Pro 16D ignition, Weldon 2345 fuel pump and regulator, and Injector Dynamics fuel injectors (6 ID1000 and 6 ID 2000), a Nitrous Express direct port nitrous kit, and a NX single fogger kit.

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