1300HP Nissan GT-R vs. 1900HP Dodge Viper and 450HP ZX10R Street Bike

November 4th, 2021

‘Tis the season for a street throwdown. This time it’s between a Calvo built twin turbocharged Dodge Viper and a Cicio Performance Nissan GT-R. Oh yeah, let’s throw in a bomb of a street bike just for entertainment purposes. Here’s the rundown:

The 1900WHP Viper features a 9-liter Gen V Stroker motor with an upgraded crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. It is also modified with a Calvo Motorsports twin turbocharger kit and a sequentially shifted transmission. Viper? This thing is more akin to a fire-breathing dragon. I pity the import that decides to roll up on this monster.

Next on the lineup is the Cicio produced Nissan GT-R. This all-wheel drive twin turbo street brawler is capable of producing 32 psi of boost and 1300WHP. It is also equipped with a MoTec controller setup. Better buckle his chin strap before he jumps on this DriveWire Viper.

The motorcycle is also a doozie. This Kawasaki ZX10R has been turbocharged and flash tuned by MidWest Performance. It has a stretched swingarm and a full accoutrement of bolt-on accessories. Let’s hit the interstate (down in Mexico). There are more bikes and more cars involved in this clip.

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