1200HP Scion Dyno and Street

October 26th, 2016

1200hp-scion-dyno-and-streetThis video takes us on a walk through, a dyno test, and a spirited street run in a Scion FRS. With its real-wheel drive platform and relatively light gross vehicle weight (3,500 to 3,700-pounds), the FRS is the perfect starting point for any street or strip project. This car has also got a great set of lines and an aggressive stance that caught my attention from its inception.

Theoretically, one could jerk out the 200hp factory mill and fill this engine bay up with an LS V8 and the transmission that goes with it, with very little fabrication. You’d still be dealing with the factory differential but, if you exercise caution, you could make it work. Then again – what fun is caution?- with a minimal degree of fabrication, one could install a capable differential and a V8 setup with some forced air induction, an intercooler, and a methanol injection system. Now that would put some lead in your pencil!

While many racers choose to go with an LS engine in these small and nimble little imports, this particular Scion is making 1,200+hp with a built (Carrillo connecting rods and 11.5 pistons) 2JZ engine block, a built 1JZ cylinder head with 2.72 camshafts (hence the 1.5JZ moniker) and a Precision 7685 Generation II turbocharger. All that power is being put to Nitto street tires in the rear via a V160 manual transmission. This ride is very well put together with the finest fabrication materials and design methods available. We look forward to seeing this FRS wreaking havoc on the streets as soon as some braking issues are worked out.

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