1200HP Corvette – Godzilla Killa

May 10th, 2017

One doesn’t often see a modest Chevrolet Corvette walking away with the crown (Sport Class) in a roll racing event the size of TX2K17. It is even more unexpected to see such an occurrence when there are cars like the Nissan GT-R (Godzilla), Lamborghini Huracan, and the mighty Dodge Viper on hand. Add the fact that this C5 Vette is equipped with a manual transmission and you have a real phenomenon.

This 2-seater is powered by a 408 cubic-inch GM small block and a massive turbocharger. The owner/operator (Ty) states that the car is capable of producing 1,200(ish)hp.

Round 1

After a lengthy testing session, Ty finds himself rolling out against the first GT-R (victim) of the day. It is a T1 creation that is also making 1,200hp. It’s a close run but Ty and the Corvette advance to the next round.

Round 2

Next up, Ty takes on a turbocharged Dodge Viper. It is hard not to be intimidated anytime you are racing a Viper but, once again Ty starts off slow and pulls ahead near the stripe.

Semi Final Round

Our feature Corvette has yet another 1,200hp Nissan Gt-R to vanquish. This foe is also defeated in stunning, come-from-behind fashion.

Final Round

The final race of the Sport Class pits Ty against a twin turbocharged Lamborghini. Will this task be too much for our Chevy to bear? Take a look for yourself.

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